How Casper Mattress maximises dead stock prevention.

How Casper Mattress maximises dead stock prevention.
Jing Liu

Jing Liu

May 11 2023


Casper has a clearance collection with up to 50% discounts, this helps boost sales and reduce dead stock. This can easily be implemented on your Shopify store too!

Casper has a clearance collection on their website dedicated to selling products at very attractive discounts of up to 50%. This is a great marketing strategy for when businesses want to boost sales and prevent dead stock. The clearance tab that is coloured red on Casper's website is also a good way to draw potential buyer's attention at first glance.

The 'Flannel Duvet Cover’ is being sold at half it's original price on Casper's Clearance collection. This is a very attractive deal that can be very irresistible to bargain buyers! And this is how Casper attempts to reduce deadstock and create room for new products in their store.

This can be easily implemented on a Shopify store by :

  1. Go to your Shopify Admin to create a new automatic 'Clearance’ collection.
  2. Install Konigle on your Shopify store.
  3. Under Pricing power strategy, implement the ‘Run a flash sale’ tactic.
  4. Configure prices with the Bulk Price Editor tool.
  5. Before submitting the pricing change request, use the same tool to add product tags like ‘clearance’ in bulk so that these products are automatically added into the ‘Last chance to buy’ collection created.
  6. To promote your products, reach out to your customers by using email and SMS outreach campaigns built in the Konigle Bulk Price Editor Tool. It allows you to design both templates without having to rely on other softwares or apps like Klaviyo or MailChimp.
Jing Liu


Jing Liu

Jing Liu has experience in procurement and inventory optimisation and researches and writes about ways to prevent dead stock and improve profitablity.