How Lea Clothing use collections filtered by price as a CRO tactic

How Lea Clothing use collections filtered by price as a CRO tactic
Arun Patel

Arun Patel

May 23 2023


How Indian fashion brand LeaClothingCo is optimising conversion rates and overcoming psychological barriers on its Shopify store using collections filtered by price.

While looking for a gift for my girlfriend, I found LeaClothingCo. Its products caught my attention but seemed expensive. Seemingly unknown brands selling high-quality products often face psychological barriers. When products appear expensive, website visitors may hesitate to buy because they don't believe the brand offers enough value, even if the price is reasonable. This can hurt conversion rates.

To de-risk my purchase, I clicked the SALE tab. What was very useful, the SALE tab showed collections filtered by price ranges such as : "Under 1000," "Under 1500," "Under 2000," "Under 2500," and "Under 3500.”

The store's thoughtful approach felt like they read my mind. Their impressive strategy to improve conversion rates included an assortment catering to different preferences and budgets, ensuring that customers can find something suitable for their needs at all prices.

This approach offers several advantages. Firstly, it improves the overall customer experience by streamlining the shopping process. Instead of having to sift through numerous products without knowing their prices, customers can quickly identify items within their desired budget range. This saves them time and effort, making their shopping experience more enjoyable.

Secondly, the store showcases items at different price points to accommodate customers with varying purchasing power. This inclusivity helps foster customer loyalty, as individuals from different income brackets can find appealing products that meet their financial constraints. Customers are more likely to return to the store for future repeat purchases, knowing that they can rely on finding quality items within their budget.

By providing clear budget sections, Leaclothingco creates transparency and trust with its customers. Shoppers appreciate knowing upfront what price range they should expect, allowing them to make informed decisions without surprises during checkout. This transparent pricing strategy can enhance customer satisfaction and foster long-term relationships.

After a delightful browsing experience with a smile on my face, I added the dress to the cart. I was grateful for LeaClothingCo's intuitive pricing strategy that had made my gift hunt effortless.

Arun Patel


Arun Patel

Arun Patel previously an e-commerce merchandiser, is passionate about increasing Average Order Value and spends time researching and writing about profitable tactics to increase AOV.