Blue Apron Pop Up

Blue Apron Pop Up

Blue Apron offers $110 off + free shipping for email address, a tactic that can improve conversion rates, boost sales, and expand email list. It also includes a countdown timer to create urgency and FOMO.

Offering a discount or free shipping in exchange for an email is a pretty common pop up tactic used. Blue Apron, an ingredient-and-recipe meal kit company does this with their pop ups but just a little differently:

Blue Apron offers first time visitors a $110 Off + free shipping on their first box in exchange for just an email.

According to the State of Digital Report, free shipping is one of the most important factor that consumers put into consideration when placing an order online. Hence, offering not only that but also a discount will greatly improve conversion rates, boost sales, and expand their email marketing list with more high intent buyers.

Also, it might seem like a minor detail, but Blue Apron incorporates a countdown timer on their pop up. This will serve as a call to action that instills urgency and FOMO as this offer will only be available for the next 30 minutes before disappearing forever.