How boAt uses compare at price to increase sales

How boAt uses compare at price to increase sales
Rahim Hasan Mahmud

Rahim Hasan Mahmud

May 9 2023


Giving discounts is a great way to generate demand, but displaying the discount amount can boost effectiveness further. boAT Lifestyle crosses out the original price and displays the sale price in bold, with a message saying "55% off".

We all know that giving discounts is a very effective way to generate demand for your product as customers would be more enticed to make a purchase. But did you know that explicitly displaying the discount amount can boost effectiveness further? Just take a look at what boAT Lifestyle does:

Take the BassHeads 110 product listing for reference, you can see that the original price ₹999 has been crossed out with the new sale price ₹449 displayed in bold, and a message displayed on the product listing simply saying "55% off”. This is known as the ‘compare at’ price tactic.

When customers are able to see the before and after price difference, the perceived value of your products increases and they will be more inclined to buy. After all, they are getting the same great product at a lower than regular price!

Start boosting your sales by implementing this tactic

  1. Install Konigle on your store.
  2. In the Konigle dashboard go to the Pricing power strategy, implement ‘Add compare at prices to your products’ tactic.
  3. Configure prices with the Bulk Price Editor tool.
  4. You can also add a promo disclaimer i.e. "50% off limited time!" all from the tool directly.
  5. Use Konigle's Bulk Price Editor Tool to create email and SMS outreach campaigns to market your products. The tool allows you to design and send email and SMS without needing any other marketing automation apps like Klaviyo or MailChimp.
Rahim Hasan Mahmud


Rahim Hasan Mahmud

Mr Mahmud, is a pricing zealot,  studying customer behaviour and pricing strategies to provide insights and recommendations to help online stores optimize their pricing and increase profitability.