Samsung Galaxy Product Launch

Samsung Galaxy Product Launch

Samsung offers customers the chance to reserve their new Galaxy phone before launch with a pre-order promotional campaign. Customers receive $50 in Samsung Credits and can benefit from special discounts and offers, creating a sense of exclusivity which can lead to higher engagement

A pre-order allows customers to reserve products before they are officially released. See how Samsung practices this tactic on their upcoming product launch, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5:

Samsung has a limited time pre-order promotional campaign for their new Galaxy phone release (happening on 26 July), where customers who place a pre-order online now get $50 in Samsung Credits. By doing so, Samsung is able to generate pre-launch excitement to help build the buzz needed to turn attention into excitement and excitement into sales.

Also, offering special discounts or deals to early adopters i.e. giving customers $50 in Samsung Credits allows them to build a sense of exclusivity that can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates in the process.

Hence, giving customers the choice to place reservations on pre-launched product would help build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business, increasing Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).