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Igor Dovgan

Igor Dovgan

July 18 2023


Online stores can improve their SEO and reduce their Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) by installing Konigle on their Shopify store and enabling the "Resolve Orphan Pages" tool. This will ensure that all the content on the store are indexed on Google.

Fashion trend cycles move so fast that it can be challenging to keep up. Therefore, if online businesses in the fashion industry provide fashion-related guides or suggestions, they can attract readers who may become paying customers. Additionally, this is one of the easiest ways to rank for more keywords and acquire more backlinks, both of which contribute to reducing the Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). Charles & Keith does this tactic well, see how:

Charles & Keith has a blog called "The Edit," which features fashion-related articles to inspire visitors. For example, the above image showcases an article titled "Your Astrology Fashion Guide," which offers fashion suggestions for each astrology sign based on their personality. This is a subtle way for the company to promote their products without being too direct.

Having a blog, such as The Edit, can help spread brand awareness and achieve a high ranking for SEO. Both are imperative for online stores to perform well, as they reduce CAC.

How to fix orphan pages on your Online Store:

The ability of an online store to harness SEO depends if the pages on the store can be accessed by a Search Engine like Google. But most online stores suffer from an SEO issue called Orphan Pages.

If you're creating content pages to drive traffic on your Shopify Store and want to make sure that all the pages are getting indexed or seen by search engines like Google,

  1. Install Konigle on your Shopify store.
  2. From your Konigle dashboard go to reduce CAC, implement "Resolve orphan pages” tactic.
  3. Enable Resolve Orphan Pages Tool .
Igor Dovgan


Igor Dovgan

Igor Dovgan a digital marketeer, helps research and writes about tactics  that helps online stores implement tactics to reduce Customer Acquisition Costs.