GAP Back to School Sale

GAP Back to School Sale
Rahim Hasan Mahmud

Rahim Hasan Mahmud

July 19 2023


G.A.P. runs an online exclusive "Back to School” sale with discounts and deals to attract buyers. Implement this tactic to boost profits: create a 'Back to School’ collection, give attractive discounts, and add compare at prices,

Back-to-school shopping typically starts in early-to-mid July, right after the July 4th holiday. This makes running a sale and giving discounts during this period a very effective tactic as most parents will be inclined to make the most out of their money and spend at stores that give attractive deals. This is how G.A.P runs a "Back to School” sale:

As seen above, G.A.P.'s Back to School sale is exclusively online and these products will only be sold in store at a later date. This is a great tactic to gauge demand and reduce costs as customers would be more encouraged to make purchases online while the discounts are still available and the products do not need to be physically present at all retail storefronts.

In addition to displaying "Compare at" prices, where discounted prices are shown in red next to the original price, G.A.P. informs customers that they will receive an extra 20% off at checkout with grey text in the product listings. This helps customers perceive greater value in the products and increases the likelihood of making a purchase, as they are aware that they're getting the same branded product at a much lower price than usual.

Lastly, the website has a "Back to School Shop" collection where all products on sale can be easily located. This is an example of good website navigation, which is a make-or-break factor for a successful online store. A frictionless buying experience leads to an increased conversion rate and, therefore, more profitable sales.

Start boosting your sales by implementing this tactic

  1. Go to your Shopify Admin to create a new automatic 'Back to School’ collection.
  2. Install Konigle on your store.
  3. In the Konigle dashboard go to the Pricing power strategy, implement ‘Add compare at prices to your products’ tactic.
  4. Configure prices with the Bulk Price Editor tool.
  5. You can also add a promo disclaimer i.e. "50% OFF" all from the tool directly.
  6. Before submitting the pricing change request, use the same tool to add product tags in bulk so that these products are automatically added into the ‘Back to School’ collection created.
  7. Use Konigle's Bulk Price Editor Tool to create email and SMS outreach campaigns to market your products. The tool allows you to design and send email and SMS without needing any other marketing automation apps like Klaviyo or MailChimp.
Rahim Hasan Mahmud


Rahim Hasan Mahmud

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